ROLLextrem-R works higher efficency than the line type machines thanks to the revolving type labour. Using and working system is very comfortable and it can be used by every staffer.
It can be manufactured in two different ways to label of the bottles between 5-10 and 0.33-2,5 Lt.Optionally in per hour 0.5 liters / 30,000 bottles / hour can be produced up to speed.
Transparent OPP labels and pearlized labels work easily in our machine. The greatest feature of our machine, label discrimination, does not discriminate between the thickness of the label.
Because processing of the glue is made by role,it does not break down and experience problems in the glue spray guns.. Glue consumption is less.

Main Features:

  • Powerful main chassis that is 6 year's guarantee.
  • Set of label coils,knife and glue c can be adjusted up and down at the same time.
  • Edge control system
  • The machine stops automatically when the guarding windows are opened.
  • Label feed system with servo motor
  • Glue return hose is not used,
  • Processing of the glue is made with the role and thus there is the least glue consumption and maintenance cost.
  • Long-lasting label cutting blades which are manufactured by German license,
  • Color touch screen,
  • Temperatures of the glue store can be easily adjusted by the operator screen,
  • Failures of the machine can be seen on the screen along with the codes .
  • That setting of the marker break-point shift back and forth can be made by the operator screen entering a value.
  • Bottle exchange sets can be made in 15-20 minutes,
  • Special design coil bed which can be inserted dual coil allows you to work very comfortable in volumes of 1,5 and bigger bottle.
  • Automatic speed adjustment through the sensors which is in the bottle flows bands,
  • Automatic stop when the label coil finish,
  • Low maintenance and replacement costs,
  • The bottle trip system in the entry of the machine,
  • The adjustment of revolving head’s up and down is motorized.
  • Empty or full bottles can be labelled according to customer’s preference.