ROLLextrem-L is linear labeller suitable fort he application of Wrap-around labels from reel on round bottles.
The system Works with hot melt glue and can handle glass and pet bottles.
The Rollextrem –L available in different models for speeds from 6.000-18.000 bph.


  • Electronic system for web tensioning and vertical film aligning (optinol)
  • Servo motor control
  • Efficient glue whell transfer to minimize glue consumption
  • PLC control and touch screen panel
  • Quick change components reduces changeover time.
  • Automatic speed system
  • Smart and easy control design.

Rollextrem-L a very strong machine , capable to run in the hardest working enviroment.
Very quick format change overs and adaptability to various types of labels and adhasives make ROLLextrem –L the most flexible and efficient labeller on the market.

Main Features:

  • The main chassis, hot-dip galvanized plating.
  • Up and down from a single point adjustment mechanism of the height of the label coil
  • Edge control system
  • Automatic deceleration mode occurs when the machine guarding windows are opened
  • Label feed system with servo motor
  • Glue return hose is not used,
  • Long-lasting label cutting blades which are manufactured by German license,
  • Color touch screen,
  • Temperatures of the glue store can be easily adjusted by the operator screen,
  • Failures of the machine can be seen on the screen along with the codes.
  • That setting of the marker break-point shift back and forth can be made by the operator screen entering a value.
  • Bottle exchange sets can be made in 15-20 minutes,
  • Special design coil bed which can be inserted dual coil allows you to work very comfortable in volumes of 1,5 and bigger bottle.
  • Automatic speed adjustment through the sensors which is in the bottle flows bands,
  • Automatic stop when the label coil finish,
  • Low maintenance and replacement costs,